First Day at BFOK and KidTea!

Hey y’all 🙂

We had a very early morning today! We split the volunteers into two groups, 15 at the school KidTea and 11 at BFOK, to make sure we get all the projects done that we want to in this week. So we’ll split this blog into two sections, get ready for lots of photos!!!



We got to BFOK around 8 am this morning and the volunteers all got to meet Sophan, the principal at BFOK. He gave everyone a short tour of the school, then we got to go into the community and see more of the people and houses where everyone lives. Afterwards, everyone was ready to get to work. At BFOK this week we need to build a toilet. Right now there is only one toilet for everyone (teachers and students), and it is important that they at least have one bathroom for girls and one for boys. The volunteers started by dismantling a small structure next to the original toilet and clearing out the area where we need to build the second toilet.


We then had to dig the perimeter of the structure, fill it with wet sand, put the concrete corner foundations down, and fill the space with soil. At the end of the day, our foundation had come together and all holes for pipes had been dug! I was amazed at how much progress my group made! They were very hard working and positive the entire time. It  probably helped that we had puppies all over the school for whenever someone needed a short break. It became known as “puppy therapy” time. Even the smallest of us pitched in!


Just kidding, we were trying all day to keep Lili (the principal’s daughter) away from where we were building (as you can see below)! She liked to pick up saw blades when no one was looking…it was frightening.


Volunteers shown above: Shannon, Femke, Bailey, and Ilana

Throughout the day, people rotated jobs and got a lot of time to teach in classrooms, which was very rewarding! And of course it wouldn’t be a complete day at BFOK if we didn’t have a “competitive” game of soccer at the end. Of course all the students kicked our butts, as always! Luckily I could distract them with a camera before they realized just how badly they beat us hehe 🙂



Volunteer shown above: Nick

And right before we left, we were surprised by one of the students climbing a tree and tossing everyone a fresh coconut! Talk about the perfect way to end a hard day of work!! Tomorrow we start laying bricks and concrete, and hopefully putting up some walls! We’ll keep everyone posted 🙂


Volunteers shown above (from top left): Laura, Samantha, Ilana, Maci, Femke, Madelaine, Nick, Shannon, Bailey, Josh, and Ike.


Good evening all my lovely blog readers. This is Kidstea blog which we are going to build the fence around the school. It was the first day at the school. We had to get up very early in the morning at 6:40 am for our breakfast and group orientation at the hotel about ROV programs and why we are here. After everyone had their omelet, fried egg with breads we took Tuk Tuk to the school. We had a quick an orientation form principle of the school (Sophara) about his school and projects. And then everyone put their sunscreen on and we went to our project. We had three different group of people, the first group they’re moving dirt in front of the school to fill up at the lower part at the back of the school. The second group they cutting plants and cleaning up things near our project side. Third group they taking old pulls and old wire from the old place. We swopped the group around in the morning. We had a great lunch time with omelets, fried vegetable with pork and fried pork. It was so yummy! After we had a lunch break we went back to our work again. It was very hot day.


Volunteers shown above: Jessica and Alexandria


Volunteers shown above: Marianne and Justine


Volunteer shown above: Courtney


Volunteers shown above: Emily and Rachel


Volunteer shown above: Kristin


Volunteers shown above: Courtney, Rachel, Ashlynn, Sarah, Marianne, Caitlyn, Gabrielle, Kendra, Erin, Lindsay, Emily, Kristin, Justine, Alexandria, and Jessica.


XX Damdin and Abby