First day at KidTea

Hey y’all!

We had an AMAZING first day at KidTea. This morning all the volunteers met So Phara, the principal, and got a mini tour of the school grounds. It’s wonderful to see the transformation of this school from the beginning of the season to now. The ROV groups before us have done some incredible work, and this group is no exception. The girls absolutely plowed through every task put in front of them- laughing and jamming out to music the whole way through. Our project this week is to build a hygiene area for the kids- a place where they can wash their hands and brush their teeth. So, this morning we collected sand in order to mix concrete as well as build a foundation around the water pump. Then we dug holes for the wooden frame of the building. After lunch, we moved all the bricks we’ll need for the walls over to our work site and put up the entire framework of the building. We spent our last hour in the classroom running some english lessons for the kids. As I said, VERY productive day! This evening we went to dinner then strolled through the markets, buying up all the artwork we could find and ending with heavenly foot massages- perfect for our sore legs after hard work!



Volunteers shown above: Anna, Renee, Elaine, and Mary.


Volunteers shown above: Renee, Elaine, and Mary.


Volunteers shown above: Anna, Mary, Renee, and Elaine. In the back row, Sarong and So Phara.


Volunteers shown above: Mary and Elaine.


Volunteers shown above: Mary.


Volunteers shown above: Anna, Elaine, Renee, and Mary.


Volunteers shown above: Elaine, Mary, and Anna.

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