First day at the village for those who are from elephant sanctuary


After taking TUK TUK for about 25mns we now arrived in front of the village. Before entering the village, we had a beautiful group photo together. Everyone smiled gently and beautifully. It is a sign that we are now ready for helping the local community such as building the vocational center, teaching English, sharing experiences and so on.



Warmly welcome by the students at SHCC

When we got to the village, we were welcome warmly by the students at SHCC. After welcoming finish, we were divided in to different group. Then we got to know our new family members. We were very surprise that our Khmer family speak very good English. More than that, they are so friendly and lonely. When everyone had known each other, it was the time again for group photo with the local kids.






Our Team in this Week… Power Men men….Ladies ladies…

Village and school orientation by Mr Sommbath the founder of SHCC

Before going to the working site, we were showed many places by the kids and Mr Sommbath. He told us about his own background as well as the reason why he starts this school. By hearing his toughing heart spoken, we all really appreciate for what he has done to his community. He is a dreamer. But now his dream becomes reality. We also have the village orientation to see what is a real life of Cambodian that was such an amazing people and culture. Even this country is poorest in South East Asian but the people so friendly and most of students always have their hope and dream.




After we had the orientation of the village, it was time to have lunch with the students and local volunteers and with our teams. During we lunch time we took sometimes to teach their English reading, speaking and also writing.




After lunch we took a rest around half hour some of us took a nap, shared their idea, experiences to each other and also the students. The other played sport, went to buy the ice milo and coffee at the local shop with in the community. They are tasty…..
After that we went straight to work, what we do today is building the foundation of the vocational training. It is time to dig and mix the cement and carry the dirt to fill in the pond that we are going to build. Now we become the construction workers in Cambodia. some of us stayed at community to teach English, play sport, dance, and clean the house and make the garden around the community



After we had the nice time in the village, we came back to the hotel and went to the carnival in the 60 road. In there we did the bumper car, dart and swing. That was such a great entertainment in this province. And then we had dinner in the city and went to see the lady boys show in the night market that is such a great funny. We can’t wait to be on the stage. For the first day it was a bit tired but we still keep doing it for our lives and try to change in this country. We can’t wait to see what is going to happen and change in this community for a week.





These are the activities of us in the first day at the SHCC.






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