First day in the village!

A new season of projects are upon us, and I can honestly say that I am so proud of everyone for their first hard day of work today! The volunteers were so excited as we pulled up to the school in the village of Kro Bei Riel this morning and had an entire welcoming crew of children to say hello to us. We got a tour of the village right away equipped with a taste of the village market and a pit stop for some iced milo and iced coffee.




Afterwards, we had a bit of down time to cool off and play some team bonding games before lunch. Then, the work began! We are building the foundation of a house for a family in the village who is also a student at the school. The house that was there was falling apart, so today we helped tear down the remaining structure, clear the area of all the rubble as well as collecting/shaving bamboo sticks for the walls. 

DSC05415 DSC05416 DSC05418 They all were in high spirits and worked so incredibly hard! They also got a chance to play with the kids afterwards helping with art, dancing, yoga, football and basketball. DSC05432 DSC05433

Tonight, we took a trip to the local carnival where we got to sample various interesting fruits and coconut rice crepes. The food there is out of this world! We also went on some fun rides and bumper cars while we were at it. It was a good time had by all, and now off to rest for another day at work tomorrow!

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