First Day of School

Tuesday was our first day of work at the village. We started early with a 630AM orientation and then our first Khmer Breakfast (fried rice). Once everyone was ready in suited up in their ROV gear we caught our tuk tuks to the village.


Our first order of business was to be introduced to the school. So Phean, the principal took us on a bit of a tour, starting with the school itself. We then moved on into the village! We had an unexpected detour soon into our tour. The community happened to be having a yearly celebration and as we were passing by we were invited in to join! We all sat down at tables and were served local Khmer food (rice porridge and smoked fish). We later continued our tour which took us to a rice wine maker and several of the houses in the village.

image image image

After our tour ended we went back to the school to prepare lunch. Some of the volly’s joined with the students to cook. We have stir fried veggies with some pineapple pork and of course Rice!

After lunch we began work. Since we finished the classroom last week we need to fill it with something. We re building tables, chairs, and a bookshelf for the school. The first step is sanding the wood so this occupied our afternoon. We devided into 2 groups. One sanding and the other teaching the kids. About half way through the avo we switched.

image image image

Our evening consisted of dinner on Pub Street followed by some interesting entertainment at the lady boy show.

Tomorrow will be our first full day of work! See you there!