First day on project 100% inspirational

What a great day. This morning we began with an early breakfast before a lush tuk tuk ride to the outer districts of Siem Reap where we all received a heartwarming introduction to the school project we will be working on over the next week. Understanding the depths of the positive impact education has on the next generation and how one persons dream has turned into an amazing reality giving a growing number of Khmer children the opportunity to learn.

Preparing materials for the next classroom and placing the footings for the structure was todays tasks involving the sanding of wood, cleaning of bamboo, chiseling of supports and placing the concrete footings into the earth.

We played riddles, shared stories, got to know each other and had an amazing lunch prepared by the local villagers who work amazingly in their small rudimentary kitchens – so delicious and healthy.

At the end of the day we got to meet the children we were all working for. The volunteers played games and showed off some dance moves before returning to siem reap for dinner and the night markets.

Tomorrow will involve more work and more activities and another early start – I cannot wait.

I hope the photos are decent and respond to the requests.

best regards,