first day in the second week

Hey guys,
It’s me again. Today was so nice to get to see our project and did some works at the school.
It was early in the morning for breakfast and had an orientation. After breakfast we took a tuk tuk to school and then we had introduce by Sophean (a principle of the school) then we walked through a village and get to know and see people life style in the village. It was a great time to see people in the village and everyone was so friendly.
After a walk we came back and start work. In the morning we had two different groups. Groups one sanding and groups two making a bamboo wall for kindergarten. Everyone did an awesome jobs. Then we had a lunch break. Foods in a village were so good. After lunch we getting to know more about each other by playing a game call two trues and a lie. In the afternoon we went back to project site again. One group continue to make bamboo wall frame, second group saw and chiseling and other group went up to make roof. We worked on that with water breaks and swapping groups around to get everyone work with different jobs. It was great afternoon. At the end we played soccer with kids. It so hot and sweaty and hard but it’s so much fun.
In the evening back to the hotel some of us went to pool relax before dinner and language lesson (Khmer language). After that some people went to night and some go to sleep.
Goodnight and sweet dream!

An orientation by Sophean

Sanding woods

Making bamboo wall frame

Lisa has Cambodian’s children πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Zombie game

Making roof top

Making bamboo wall frame


Chiseling and saw

Making a roof top part


How they feel after they’ve done their works

Soccer time with kids

Big family

How fun is this?

Khmer lesson

Khmer lesson