Foundation COMPLETE.

Hello again!! So after our yummy noodle breakfast this morning today started off with a very, very chilly tuktuk ride out to Kro Bei Riel. As it is December, days start out a bit on the cold side. We get about one nice hour of work in the morning breeze and then the heat takes over!

Our goal today was to finish the foundation and by golly gee wiz that’s what we did! The volunteers were split into groups again and each assigned to one of twelve sections of the house. Each section will be where one pillar of the foundation sits. Each group’s job was to dig out a hole for the pillar. Once the hole was dug we learned how to make concrete – the Cambodian way! The recipe called for rocks, sand, water and A LOOOOOT of sweat. Each pillar will sit on these concrete sections in order to create a sturdy foundation for the house. While one group was working on the foundation another group was continuing to dig and move dirt to raise the foundation and the last group started to sand the wood we will be using for siding on the house.


Taylor and Tom STOKED to start the day.


Mandy and Beth — girlsssss got muscles!


Our lovely local builders, Mr. Nom and Yang, instruct.


Sambo showing us the Cambodian concrete technique!


Mikayla and Vivian


Sandin’, sandin’, sandin’ awayyyy

After three hours of nonstop hard work, everyone took a break for lunch. Like yesterday, each volunteer got to help with preparing the lunch. The local girls and guys that help the volunteers make lunch are around 11-14 years old. Their cooking skills are definitely some of the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone is learning new ways to prepare food and different combinations of spices. We also finally got the opportunity to enjoy fresh coconut!


After a nice break we hit the dirt again. This time everyone worked as one large group to finish off each base for the pillar and then finally carry the pillars to their respective base. All the local children hopped in to help once again. After a lot of grit and sweat, we did it! ALL twelve pillars IN PLACE!!


Jocelyn, you a stunnaaaa!



Team. WORK.





After a little celebratory dance, we ended our day with one hour spent drawing, dancing and playing with the kids. We got a mean game of volleyball going as well as wheel barrel rides. Pretty sure Ed became these boys new favorite big brother!

IMG_2471 IMG_2480

In the evening we headed for dinner at another traditional restaurant and ended the evening getting feet massages at Cambodia’s famous lady boy shows! The lady boys broke it down to anything from Beyonce to traditional Khmer music. These shows are an experience in itself and had all the volunteers crackin’ up. It was great! After a spit stop at the night market and Blue Pumpkin Icecream, we all took it in for the night.


I call this: We promise to wear sunscreen tomorrow. Ouch!

IMG_2491 IMG_2494 IMG_2497

Tomorrow we start the frame of the house. Everyone is eager to see everything start to take shape! Woo!

Until tomorrow! G’night!