foundation complete!










After a long and productive day, we achieved the goal for the entire week! We built the entire foundation of the large, elevated house as well as renovated the walls of another house next door. It was a huge accomplishment and we are all so proud to be apart of something so special. They worked their tutus off and deserve to feel so great about themselves!



DSC05619 DSC05613


The ladies of the house said a thank you and blessing again for us in the evening and then we headed over to the school where all the kids were waiting for us to throw a party. We danced with all of them to some popular jams like Justin Bieber and One Direction (among others). They also put together a cute little show for us with traditional Khmer dancing and a presentation of bracelets with our names on them. Then we all gathered around and sang a song while holding hands with everyone at the school. It was a really special moment for us because we all knew how appreciative they were about our contributions to their community.