Foundations Complete!

Hi Everyone!

Today was our second day out at the building project. Started off the day with moving earth. With shovels, hoes and crude dirt transportation devices we successfully created the foundation for the house! It took about 3 hours to finish the work and at the end off if everyone had a sense of accomplishment… and relief. This of course would not be the end of the heavy lifting.

While one group was moving dirt in the morning the other was sanding wood to be used as the frame of the house. This job took use all the way into the afternoon.

For lunch we all went back to our houses. Each belongs to one of the 12 villages in the Kro Bie Riel community and each is also dedicated to a country; everywhere from Canada, to the Australia, to the US of A! We all enjoyed traditional khmer food as we help the students in preparing lunch. Probably the most important part of our lunch break was the introduction of Iced Milo! Milo is a chocolate malt drink well known to Aussies but it isn’t really heard of across the pond in America.


In the Afternoon we split up into two groups. One finished the sanding, while the other carried over the cement poles that were going to hold up the actually house. The poles weigh well over 100kilos and took between 3 and 6 people to get into place. Before we could actually place the poles though, we needed to prepare their resting places by inserting rocks and topping them with sand, making the ground sturdy so that the poles do not sink.


At 3PM we called an end to our work day. With 3 poles in place, Thursday morning we will be busy finishing the job that we started!


Upon returning to the hotel the volunteers were surprised with Khmer language lessons, courtesy of our lovely assistant team leader Dom Din.  We all learned the basics of the language. Su Saday (hello), Akun (thank you), Som (Please), Sok so bai ( how are you), etc.

Tomorrow is going to be an early morning as we are going to visit Angkor Wat for Sunrise. 5AM is early but worth it for a spectacle such as this.


Good night!

John and Kate +24

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Khmer lessons!

Khmer lessons!

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