Frame work

Hello everyone,

it was a new week and new project building. We’re building a toilet for a poor family in a village near BFOK school. Today was great. After had a breakfast as like a normal and the went on tuk tuk to the project site. In the morning when we got there some of us sanding and some helping builders to dig whole for toilet. We worked with this in the full morning. After lunch we went back to the project and starting with frame. The end of the day we have done frames and put it up. That is was so exited for the first day with a new project. After we finished from a project site we went to th e school and played with kids. Kids were awesome and lots of energies for us.

In the evening, we went to dinner and went to market for a little bit shopping. That was great. After market some of went to get massage. It was so relax after the full day work at project site. The. We went back for bed. This time we had to say good bye to everyone!

Reatrey Sue Sadey (goodnight)