Friday Funzies!

After our day at the temples yesterday the volunteers were ready to crack back into the work.

We split up into two main groups today. One was brick laying, while the other dug the dirt.

The progress we made in such a short time was staggering. We found out there were changed plans with the original blue prints and we had to end up laying two and a half times what we originally planned but that didn’t daunt the volunteers and they got straight into it. We managed to lay almost four of the eight walls we needed to get up in a single day. It was a staggering effort, so kudos to all the volunteers!

DSC_0204 DSC_0201

Our half of the work on the orphanage house is done. The next group will finish it off next week while we have the weekend off before heading to the Elephant sanctuary.

Sophara, the principal, pulled us all aside this afternoon to say thank you in his own way. He had a small ceremony, gave us food while we played with the KID TEA students. It was a little emotional as the efforts that we put in this week got put into perspective and the volunteers came to terms with how much they had achieved this week and the positive ramifications of their actions for years to come.

DSC_0220 DSC_0264

It was a pleasure to watch these amazing volunteers realise how much good they had achieved in such a short time!

In the evening we went to a pizza restaurant for dinner and then the volunteers went out to explore the Siem Reap night life before we head out to the waterfall tomorrow.

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