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Today was HOT HOT HOT! We woke up this morning and made our way to a breakfast buffet featuring French toast, waffles, eggs, toast and more! When we arrived at the village we had our work cut out for us. We spent the morning continuing putting on the grass roof, making the last of the walls, tiling the porch and putting one last layer of brick down around the building. We jammed out to 90’s music for the entire three hours and accomplished so much! After lunch we shot straight back into work. One group got back on the roof to nearly finish it. Another finished off the walls and the last two continued on tiling. At 4pm we called it a day. We were able to accomplish so much today. The three schoolrooms are starting to come together and it incredible to be able to watch. I am so proud of all the volunteers and the beautiful change they are making to an incredible community.

After the work day I went with the teaching crew to dinner while Domdin took the building crew to dinner and the Cambodian Phare Circus. The circus is an full on acrobatic show full of flips and twists and five person tall towers! The acts were crazy talented and definitely a sight to see! A few of the volunteers finished off the evening with a crazy night of Yaniv before heading to bed. Tomorrow is our last day at the village. We are all super excited to finally be able to see a finished product after a long week of hard work.

Goodnight for now!

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Update from teacher, Adele:

It isn’t long now until the end of this amazing experience. To finish off the month with smiles, Madison and my class completed their “About Me Books”.
The children were stocked to hear that they could take these books home. Their smiles said it all!

Our preschool classes have also come a very long way. They are beginning to develop letter and number recognition. The girls introduced BINGO this week and were amazed as to how quickly the children picked up the rules. The children have also learnt two movement songs, Open, Shut Them. and Shake and Move. They have loved it… Just look at the joy in their faces

It’s going to be a very emotional day tomorrow, and there are so many children I want to take home.
I am so thankful to those people who supported me on this trip and am excited to begin raising more money for the school. Looking forward to seeing it growing into a great community.


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