Goodbye Elephants, Hello Siem Reap!

Half Day at Elephant Sanctuary and Half Day at the Siem Reap City!!


Sunday 13th July

Today it is the last day for us to leave from the Gentle and cute elephants and cheeky monkeys and the amazing local people in this community. It is hardly to say goodbye to what we have done for a week here. But every greeting is departure; we thought that we have changed a lot of things for this community. We do hope the local people who live in this community will keep what do they have and what we have done for them. We will bring your smiling, your sharing, and your great experiences with us.



On the way back to Siem Reap for village immersion in the next week follow by the quiet because we still miss and think to the elephant sanctuary. We just spend a round two hours and half back to Siem Reap. In there, there are 6 volunteers are waiting us for walking City Tour and dinner at the Khmer Taste Restaurant. That was an surprising for us because we met a lot of awesome people which do like the volunteering job like us. Now we make more friends from all over the world.



After dinner we tried to explore Siem Reap city with some of our group to have shopping, eating more and message. That was such a great day in Siem Reap. Let say good night to all of you. Don’t forget we will have a heap of job to do at the Village tomorrow.

Second Day!! (Monday 14th July)

Hello (Sua Sdei) Monday! You woke us up so early in this morning. After we had breakfast at the hotel, we took two TuK Tuks to the village where we are going to work today. On the way to the village we saw a big different between Cambodia and Canada like landscape, lives style and especially a lot skinny cow along the way to the village.





Now we arrived the community which we always dream about when we are in Cambodia. We met a lot of friendly children, local volunteers, staffs and Sambath the school director.

In here one Mr. Sambath ( School Director)  wanted us to introduce our background and what are we going to be in the future. They also introduce themselves to us. After that Sambath introduced himself and his community, it is such a great thing to know about his background and his school. Event it was pretty hot and all of us get sweaty.





We had the village orientation by him and his volunteers around the village. On the way to the village we have learned too much different things if we compare to  other countries in Europe.

And then we came back to school and help students to cook for our lunch. It is first time that we cook the Cambodian food. Today we cooked Winter Melon Soup with Pork, stir-Fried mixed vegetable and Fried Morning glory.



After we had lunch we took around hour for resting In our Houses. And then we split into two groups one group stayed at the schools to teach students, clean houses, dancing, painting, sport ..



and the other group went to the work site to finish the vocational building center which has build for three weeks.
in there we have done such a great job like mixed cement, paved cement to the wall, make the wall and roof by bamboo stick and so on..



It is on time we came back to school with our trailer safety. Now it is time to relax with dancing, playing basketball  with these cute children and other local volunteers here. We are a bit tired with sweaty again but suddenly there as stormy to chill our bodies..


After that we got back the hotel, take a shower and wait for our dinner at the Khmer Annadaya Restaurant for Sophie Birthday. The food here is so tasty. Now it is time to eat ..hahhah. After the dinner we walked around the Night Market and had a massage with the lady show. It is so amazing and funny show. Now we are a bit sleepy and keep our power for tomorrow. Let me say Good Night ( Rear Trei Sua Dei) . See you tomorrow!


Happy Birthday Sophie!!! May the New Year Brings you healthy, wealthy, beauty and all the best in your life!! From your Cambodian Family..!!