Goodbyeeeeeee :( :( :(

Sad day

it is a very sad day because everyone start leaving to different directions over the world. It first flight was Lauren. He has been here four week ago with a teaching program. And then Karina. It was a sad morning, After we had a last lunch with other people, After that Katrina in the afternoon. It was very hard for me to say good bye to everyone. In dinner we had only three people for the last dinner together. And then the last airport drop off were Katie and Aly. It is very say.

Thanks you so much for all your times helping in our school and help lots kids in a village with a free English class for them. You guys have changed lots in our country. We can’t forget this time together.

The ROV Charity and ROV Community School relies solely on donations and rest assured 100% of donations go directly into on-ground projects overseen by the ROV Charity.

If you would like to continue to support the ROV Charity to ensure that the children can continue to receive a free education click the following link! Any and all donations go to a great cause!

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