Got concrete?

After all of yesterday’s progress the team and I were able to begin the homemade cement process bright and early this morning! We took rocks, sand and water and put them into each hole and smashed them down with bamboo to make them as compressed as possible. It was deemed a rock sand lasagna. Seemed fitting. After that was finished, each group got a chance to work together to carry 4 cement pillars to their designated hole. It was a huge task and everyone jumped right in and completed all 12 pillars that will be the support system that holds the house. I am so proud of their work ethic and positive attitudes too! They were determined to get them all in place by the end of the day and we did it! We even had a buddhist house blessing ceremony with the family and workers where we stood around the site, said a prayer, and placed burning incense around the pillars.


Tonight, after another delicious khmer dinner at yet another new restaurant, the group witnessed their very first lady boy show. Before that, however, we had to make a quick pit stop at a kiosk for everyone to try deep fried crickets, snake and my personal favorite, tarantulas. Expectedly, those things didn’t appeal to everyone, but mostly everyone tried at least one of those things! They are all officially initiated into Cambodian culture!

IMG_2242 IMG_2241

At the show, we all sat in comfy chairs and watched while getting our feet massaged. The show was hilarious and extremely entertaining for all. Today was packed full of work and fun, and they’re excited to visit the temples tomorrow! Till then 🙂

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