Hi family and friends of all our amazing Reach Out Volunteers. Or as I like to call them, Rockstars.

My name is Claire and I’ll be the team leader over the next week on the village immersion, before heading to the elephant sanctuary next week.

We already have some beautiful volunteers that are partaking in village immersion and teaching programs. Today they had a very chill, relaxing Sunday. They got to take part in an amazing Khmer Cooking Class! Such an awesome experience. 

And as for our new arrivals! We are so excited to meet them all. We went for a bit of a walk around beautiful Siem Reap, checked out a beautiful monk pagoda and then of course chilled by the pool to help combat that pesky jet lag.


We we have a huge first day tomorrow so it’s an early one for us! I’m very excited to keep you posted on the exciting activities and volunteer work we get done so stay tuned!

Until then,