Happy Birthday Jamie :)

Happy birthday Jamie.

Today was very similar to yesterday, because we achieved absolute greatness once again. This is quickly becoming the common trend, the work ethic and never give up attitude of this group is amazing and I can’t believe how much we are getting done. 

We had groups of volunteers mixing endless supplies of cement to continue with the brick laying but also rendering too. We cut 15 pieces of metal that we then made the window frames out of and we also started putting the tin on the roof and almost completed it too. 

The work has been quite difficult considering all the new skills we’re having to learn and the ridiculous heat which never makes things easy, but we’re certainly pushing through it and learning first hand that ‘team work, makes the dream work.’ In our lunch break we also did a Khmer language lesson with Damdin, so I’m sure we will be fluent in no time. 

And once we finished work we started our hike back to the school and nearly got washed away by a huge rain storm, but I guess it was kinda fun. 

At dinner we celebrated Jamie’s birthday and then attempted some karaoke, with Jamie being the real highlight as well as some quality rapping by Morgan. 

I wish I could sing 🙁 

Much love,