Hard Work and Carnivals!

Arun Sua Sdei Everyone (Good Morning Everyone)

Today we are going to work hard in the construction Site and also the community. We had the breakfast in same time and then we took the confortable vehicle Tuk Tuk to the village where we will do the volunteer for. When we arrive the village we divided into two group one in the village for teaching English, Dancing, playing sport, and work with the students here to clean house, gardening and so on. That is hardest group because we need to teach the students how to play, to clean, to teach and how to dance, but sometimes these activities are taught by these local people.hahahaha..

IMG_1864 IMG_1860

The other group needs to be construction workers at the building site. Event it was a bit hard job for us because we rarely do it at hoe. But we have decided to make something change so never mind for us. We are ready for work. Don’t worry everyone; we will be the bet builders in a week or two weeks here. Making roof, cement mixing, cement paving and cleaning dirt and cement are our jobs today.

At 11: 00 am we helped the students to cook for our lunch, today we had Fried Pumpkin with Egg, tomato soup with pork, Fried Pickle with egg and rice. They are every time of our meal. That is so yummy food for local students and us. After we had a good lunch we had half our for relaxing and after that it is time to go back for work. But we switched the team. Because we need to finish this building in this week. That was an amazing time with work hard today.


After our work hard there, at three o’clock we head back from the construction site to the school and then we play basketball, dancing khmer music, painting and drawing and practice our English with the students here.

IMG_1829 IMG_1819 IMG_1808 IMG_1812

Why the great time is so fast? It time to back to our accommodation in the city. After we relaxed in the chilled place about half hour, we took the tuk tuk to the Road 60 to see the street shop market. In there, we found many kinds of fruit like Mangosteen, Litchi, Rambutan ,lucky cake and the delicious one is “Cricket”. We did darting, swing and bumper car. That is such a funny time in here.

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