Hello! And Welcome to Siem Reap!!

Hello everyone! My name is Danielle and I am from the great white north they call Canada! Vancouver to be exact. I’ve been apart of ROV for the last two years and have been loving every minute of it! I’ll be the team leader for the current village immersion and elephant program starting this week. I just spent the last four weeks on Koh Rong Island leading volunteer groups on a water catchment project, and artificial reef pod deployment. It was such a blast, but I am SO EXCITED to be back in my favourite city in Cambodia, and with a brand new group to boot!

Today was arrival day, so many volunteers took advantage of their early arrivals and spent time resting. Later in the evening we all went out for our first Cambodian meal. These volunteers definitely aren’t afraid of trying new foods! Some tried the fried rice and fried noodle, while others tried one of my favourite dishes, fried chicken served with a Kampot pepper and lime sauce. Yum! After dinner, we went over to one of the night markets where everyone took a gander around for half an hour before heading back to the hotel. We have an early morning tomorrow starting at 7:00AM for breakfast. Then off to the school where we will be working for the next week. More project details to come in tomorrows blog, so follow along with us!!


Fergus, Kaio, Daniel, Katie, Alex, Jennifer Zoe and Hannah all giving the banana pancakes a try after dinner




Daniel took it upon himself to try the fried tarantula on the first night! What a champ! He gave the rest to a local boy who kept asking for the remainders!!







Well, I’m off to the airport now to pick up my last 2 arrivals, Courtney and Claudia! Stay tuned for more photos, thanks for reading!!


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