Team SlouchyBlobs woke up bright and early this morning to hop on a bus to the elephant sanctuary. As they were going to the lobby with all their stuff, Santa Clause met them downstairs!

With a “Ho Ho Ho” and a “Merry Christmas” we hopped in Santas Sleigh (the bus) and flew over to the elephant sanctuary! On the way we jammed out to Christmas tunes and had some pretty impressive sing alongs and karaoke.

We got to the sanctuary and had lunch, then opened our secret Santa presents! Everyone got some pretty fantastic gifts.

After lunch we pulled out some butter, sugar, and sprinkles and DECORATED COOKIES!!! Meanwhile we had ‘Elf’ playing in the background. We all ate way too many cookies and then went to feed the elephants.

Some volunteers chopped sugar cane and some volunteers chopped grass and some volunteers chopped watermelons and some volunteers chopped bananas and some volunteers mushed it all together into little balls!

We fed the elephants and then sat and watched them eat in AWE. When we went back to the dining hall SANTA HAD COME AND THERE WAS PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE UNDER THE TREE!! Yeeeehaaaw what a festive Christmas!

Dinner was delicious, and afterwards we went and sat out at the campfire under the stars to enjoy the end of our Christmas!

Because we are now at the elephant sanctuary we will be switching to the elephant blog, which can be found on the ‘village and elephant program’ page. Happy reading!

Team SlouchyBlobs