Holy Moly Did We Do A Lot Today

Today was another lovely and productive day at the village! We split up into our teams, three groups of about ten.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the morning, John ‘s group went to the vocational center to weave roof tiles out of palm, sand wood, and  level a building. Bun’s group went to a local house, and made walls out of palm and bamboo. And Briana’s group worked at the school digging a trench, layering it with rocks, and laying cement. We worked for about three hours. And boy were we ready for lunch!Facebook-20140603-061528

We ate in out houses with other students and teachers of the village. We even had some down town, which most used to nap.

In the afternoon we all switched jobs. John’s group moved to the school to roll cement barrels into the trench to allow for water flow under the road. Bun’s group went to the vocational center. And Briana’s group went to a local house to finish up the walls. We finished all the work we had set out to do today! Could not be more proud!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now this evening Mr. Bun is teaching all the volunteers Khmer! All the volunteers are given a “cheat sheet”, and we are working on our pronunciation. Very useful for getting around in the city! We cant wait to use all that we have learned!Facebook-20140603-061722

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