Hot heat, and blazing sunshine

Good morning! We started our day off in a couple tuk tuks which brought us to the school. On our commute, we got to see a Cambodian wedding procession in the street. Everyone was dressed up beautifully, carrying gold plates with food and money offerings for the bride and groom. It was a real treat for the volunteers to see!



As we arrived at the school, we had a lovely greeting from all the school children, followed by orientation from the school principal Sopan. He showed us the past projects ROV has worked on at the school, like the new toilets, and one of the schools classrooms. He then led us on a walk through the village, past rice fields and a beautiful alter decorated in colourful flags.

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When we got back to the school grounds, we began work on the building project! We are building a house for four high school boys to live and study in. These boys live far away from the school, and cannot afford to pay rent for housing closer to the school. Currently, these boys are sleeping in a chicken coop at the back of the school grounds – An insufficient form of housing for anyone, let alone four boys. Fortunately, ROV has been working hard to erect a brand new home for these boys, right next to the chicken coop! Haha. The last group of volunteers spent time putting up the frame of the house and the cement blocks it will stand on. Today, our group began laying the wood beams and bamboo roofing. Tomorrow we will continue with laying the straw roof, and starting the floor boards! We also spent time laying dirt around the house to even out the ground. It was a long hot day, but these volunteers worked hard, and stayed well hydrated! We’re all excited to get back to work tomorrow, and complete the house at the end of the week!

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After lunch, a few volunteers took turns teaching basic english to the kids. The volunteers worked with young trainee teachers to teach numbers, letters, and some simple sentences. We were all quite impressed with how much english these kids already knew! It’s so exciting to hear them repeat words and understand what they mean. Tomorrow we will receive a little Khmer language lesson, hopefully we will be able to pick up some of the language while were all here!


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We finished our work day around 4:00PM and headed back to the hotel. A few of us were eager to cool of from the heat and jump in the pool while sipping on mango smoothies…So that is precisely what we did!


After some relaxing from the first day of work, we all went out for dinner to a restaurant that just so happens to have a few puppies living there! We all made our rounds cuddling this little cutie. After we ate, We checked out the Art Market, but not before stopping for an ice cream snack that Jennifer and Hannah were obviously having trouble eating!

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Tomorrow is another jam packed day! We’re all getting to bed early so we can be bright eyed and bushy tailed early in the morning! Goodnight!



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