House completion

Hey guys, 

What a day it was, not only did we finish a house for a family of 5 but also a chicken and duck coop too. It took a lot of hammering and sawing in some pretty crazy heat but we completed it all before lunch. 

We headed back to the school for lunch and then started the foundation of a classroom at the ROV charity school. Breaking up the top layer of ground was like hitting into a brick wall but once we got through we were all set. We carried a lot of sand, soil, rock and water and then called it a day and played some soccer and games. 

Last night we headed out to the carnival and jumped on the bumper cars and bikes, went crazy on the HUGE jumping castle and then threw some darts at balloons to win prizes. 

Tomorrow we will head out to the village for our last time, and celebrate the completion of the house with the family. 



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