house house house!!!

Hello everyone,

It is a first day at the project site today. It was great.

After we had an orientation and breakfast at the hotel we took tuk tuk to the school and had a quick an orientation from Chhaiky (a principle of ROV community school). After that we walked to the house where we build around 10 minutes away from the school. They were three different jobs for today, One group was sanding, one group was digging and other was helping builder sawing and chiseling. It was amazing and everyone got a lot of sweat šŸ™‚ Then we swop group around and everyone got to do all those works. We finished lunch at the house we played two truths and a lie. Everyone is getting to know each other more from that game. And then we went back to work as the same jobs from the morning. We got lots done by the first day. After a very hard day at the project site we came to the school and spent a bit time with kids running around and some kids tried to practice their English and we came back to the hotel because it was raining there.

We can’t wait to go back to school and play more with kids tomorrow. Now everyone go to sleep. Goodnight!


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