I’m free I’m free!

It was a free day today! Hurray! Everyone went off in so many directions, it was hard to keep up. Most of my (Tara’s) group went out to the floating villages where they were shuttled around by my main man Sambam. He is the greatest tuk tuk driver and friend there is. They had an amazing time, and really enjoyed seeing the village built on stilts that stay in the water. Because we’re into dry season now, the water starts to go down immensely, but during the wet season, the houses all have front and back yards of pure water.10941779_10205458275993281_1213599089_n10944888_10205458275593271_848659063_n10947608_10205458275193261_1948708504_n

It was miss Brooke’s birthday today, so a few of us went to breakfast at a very nice cafe in town. It has by far the best breakfast in town, and we feasted like kings this morning on pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns and all kinds of goodies. This evening, we celebrated by going to a karaoke restaurant and showing off our singing skills. We also got a cake, a card and a little gift from all of us. We hope she felt special on her special day. I love birthdays!! More pictures of that to come!

Some of the teachers went to do another cooking class today where they learned how to make a mango salad and a chicken curry. Can you say yum?! I can’t get enough of that yummy yummy curry. The rest all slept, shopped or hung by the pool for a relaxing day.

We also said some sad goodbyes to some friends today who are on their way back to you. I was sad seeing Georgie, Georgia, Kate, Emily and Helen go. They have been so wonderful to hang out with and get to know, and they know they always have a home in Cambodia. I’m sure they can’t wait to share all their stories and adventures with you, though! Safe travels, and see you all soon 🙂

If your son/daughter/friend/girlfriend are continuing onto the elephant program, we will be heading out tomorrow to the sanctuary. This village blog will take over with a new group, and we will be using a different blog to send updates about the day. Here is the link you can follow for the elephants!


Thanks for all your excitement and for following! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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