Immersion, Elephants and Teachers!

Hey there to all those reading the blog, whether you’re a friend or a loved one or someone who is just here with a general interest in what we do. The next few weeks are going to be exciting regardless!

I’m Stew, one of the team leaders heading up this part of the program along with Domdin. I’m a firefighter back home  in Sydney Australia and take as much time off as I can to come over and spearhead all the good work we do, not just because I love it but because I get so much time to hang out with all these amazing people that come out here to volunteer!

We’ve had a lot of people to pick up today but almost everyone arrived on time. They’re all now safely at the hotel ready to smash out the weeks work tomorrow!

Even though we’ve been busy we’ve also been able to see how awesome this group already is. They’re bonding quickly as they all decided to jump in the pool once we got back from dinner and have a bit of fun before we begin our work in the morning!

I’ll post a picture of the whole crew in the morning so you can see they all arrived safe and sound!



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