Is that Beyonce?

Hello Pals and Gals,

So many wonderful things happened today, and the volunteers keep thriving more and more each day! We started off by visiting the Reach Out Volunteers School, and had the opportunity to see how the Reach Out Volunteers charity has an impact on children trying to receive a proper education. It was a special moment we shared together, as we learned how we are impacting the lives of children in poverty, and giving them new opportunities in life. Soon after our second day of building commenced, were we were off to a new fantastic start! It was a sunny day and we were prepared for the Cambodian sunshine with loads of sunscreen.

Second day of building


Bamboo Ladies

Play time consisted of duck duck goose, soccer, limbo, and a battle of the sexes in a tug of war match. The gentlemen held their own, but it was the sassy ladies who won back to back in this match.

Boys vs. Girls in tug of war

Dig it up, up, up!

We ate dinner together and found out that one of our local team leaders can sing like Justin Bieber. He swooned everyone over his magical voice as we had dinner in a local Cambodian restaurant near Pub Street. The night did not end there, volunteers experienced the flamboyant Lady-Boy Show, as they had foot massages. We had a variation of performers that ranged from Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Jessie J and my personal favorite J Lo. The show was full of kind, vibrant, and hilarious performers who left their hearts on the stage.

Family dinner

Lady-Boy Show

As for me, I’m still getting used to the Australian lingo we have going on here, and cannot stop eating banana pancakes!

With kind regards,