It wasnt me

EyYOOOO todays blog is a group effort, everyone will be writing one sentence to bind together and create a masterpiece of exponential proportions. Let’s see what happens.

Mark hammered nails while on top of a roof. Future employers of construction companies should seriously consider hiring this fine man and his work ethic. He was fantastic. Hamza was a great help to the team and he was setting an example to all the lazy, unmotivated, useless team members. He was fantastic and he was the real team leader, thank Buddha for his support and prayers go out to him. I sweated balls at the temples but it was so pretty. While I played with the school kids after working on the house, they taught me more Khmer words such as butterfly. I held a stinky malnourished piglet and I loved it. It’s amazing being able to help the less fortunate and to learn part of their culture. After we got done working we came back to town and ate a whole package of oreos. Then we SANG SOME SONGS!!!

All in all day 3 on the project site was grrrr8, lots of laughs and sweat and hard work as usual, finished off with some of the craziest karaoke I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing in my life. Cheers to another great day tomorrow!


The team