It’s a Party in Cambodia!!

Good evening everyone! Or I guess whatever time it is that you’re reading this! Hope you’re excited to read today’s blog because we’ve got a bit of an emotional one today!

We headed back to the school to have a final day of work on the classroom. All of the volunteers put in amazing work today and throughout the entire week! Although the building will not be finished until next week, it was so heartfelt to see the frame and shape of what was going to help so many children get a future education, and change the lives of hundreds. And of course, knowing all the hard work (and sweat) that went into it!

Partially finished classroom the volunteers have been working on, and some of the beautiful kids at the local school!

After all the hard work was finished, we had a party with the kids from the school! There was loud music, party games like Pass the Parcel (which the kids were particularly fond of), and oh so much candy! We had to have one last “Cha Cha Slide”, which was filled with laughter. They were always so excited to learn and play, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re all going to miss them so much.

Pass the Parcel! The kids loved the little candies.

We all wrote our names and placed a handprint on a board that will be put on one of the walls. We all came together and grew as a team for something that was bigger than us, and we made a difference. Before leaving, we spent a special moment with the principal just being thankful for the moments we have shared together over the past week. Some tears may have been shed when saying some of the finals goodbyes, but we’ve all grown so much as a family and been changed by this experience, it is definitely a “see you later” instead.

Finished board we wrote our names on alongside the Reach Out Volunteers handprint.

In the evening we wandered around a traditional Cambodian carnival and had a blast on carnival rides and a wild game of bumper cars. And what better way to finish a Friday night than going to get our groove on with karaoke! Steph, Alice, Nicole, and Brittany were extremely spicy when they sang “Wannabe”. And it wouldn’t have been a night in Siem Reap without Elyse entertaining all of us while teaching us groovy dance moves.

That’s all for now!
Jalapeño Javi

Easy to make friends with lovely ladies like these! Brittany, Steph, and Nicole.

Elyse teaching in one of the classes.

Dylan working on the building.

Lisa working in the class on her 4 week teaching project.

Easy to do hard work with adorable company like this! Nicole with one of the local kids.