It’s Pronounced New-Tellah!!

Today has been another amazing day with all these lovely people! The Sun was shining, birds were chirping, volunteers were smiling and Cambodia was awaiting with the unknown, once again! Brekky upstairs on the rooftop for 7am, everyone slept much better last night and were ready to take on the day! We got to the village and started working on the house immediately. There was a bit more sanding to be done and some roofing and floor supports to be placed before we get deep into the construction. We’ve been blessed with having the kids from the village hanging out with us, giving some of us a hand with sanding and teaching us how to make some jewellery out of banana leafs and tiger-lillies. Once we were done at the site, we went to the school and did some more dancing with the kids, playing around and laughing. The inner child always comes out around the kids, their smiles are infectious and their laughter is contagious. It’s hard not to join in the fun at this place.

Once we left the school everyone had just enough time to get a shower and get ready to head to the local carnival. Not your typical carnival you’d expect to see in the more developed countries. By day, if you were to drive past this place, you’d say it was a scrapyard or dump for old circus equipment, but at night it all comes alive with its unique charm, music and locals galore! We all started off by doing the bumper cars, and as we were walking towards another ride, we spontaneously stopped to ask if we could get on the bouncy castle (normally we’re not allowed because we’re too old)… WELL today was our lucky day! picture maybe 10, 20+ year olds in a giant bouncy castle going down the slides, seeing who could jump the highest, learning how to do front flips and more! What a blast we had! But the real fun came when we decided to go on a swinging/spinning ride. It’s a circular ride that spins around at the same time it swings you like a pendulum. The difference in Cambodia is that, you pay a $1.25 for a ride and if you’re being energetic and excited, the guy operating the ride will keep it going to draw people in. Needless to say after being on there for what felt like 10 minutes, we got our money’s worth.

So after being all stirred about on this ride, it was time to head to dinner. This is where the title of the blog comes in. During dinner, my fellow American and Australian friends were giving me a hard time because of how I pronounce Nutella, you know, the chocolate spread that tastes like heaven in a jar? Well, apparently it’s pronounced Nut-ellah. Which instantly just didn’t feel right to myself and the other 2 Canadians on the program (glad someone had my back).. So, google always has the answers and thankfully so because I was breaking a sweat thinking that I’ve been saying it wrong all my life. WELL!! According to Google, it’s actually pronounced New-Tellah! It goes without saying, I’m obviously a wise individual who has changed the majorities’ lives tonight with Nutella alone… Who’d have known?! It was all a good laugh though, they still tease me about other things.

Anyways, this a long post! Wow! Thanks for everyone who’s been following and commenting! Keep it coming and expect the unexpected with stories from these guys when they get back home!



Oh that Carnival! That’s the spinning swinging ride behind usDSC04580

Hers’s Cruz and Mitch helping with bit of roofing!DSC04582

Brooklyn in the front, Catherine in the back and two kids in the middle helping sand some wood!DSC04588

Vanessa driving it home! Nailed it!DSC04599

Look at how much we’ve got done in 2 days!!