Keep Going On!!!

It was a bit cool morning, because it had the stormy rain in yesterday evening. We left from the hotel in the same time and we arrived the community where we work  about 8 am and be ready for work.

Today we split and rotated into three groups. The first team we call “Digger Dirt Group”
This iron finger team need to use their fingers to fill up the dirt over the water pipe for the get the water outof the school during the rainy season.


The second group we call “Building the World” We have kept building this vocational training Centers for three days, and some of us waving and split the palm leave to make the roof and wall of this building. That was surprise for us because we see something new every day.



The Third group we call, “Destroyer and repairer the world”. In this work we had a lot of hurt and injury like nailing and cut our palms and fingers and feet. The First aid kit nearly runs out of Bandage and alcoholic wipe. Emmm.. the new job that we haven’t been done before is like that.




That was such a great day in there today. After that we met and chit chat at the hotel a bit about our program tomorrow and then we went straight to have dinner.

Even we got sunburn, hurt, tired, sweaty and we ate rice every time of lunch in this community but we have already decided to leave from our comfort zones to help, sharing experiences and role as model in the third world country ”Cambodia”. We still keep doing this amazing job in this community without taking the benefit back. We want to see what is going to happen in this community. Thanks Mom, Dad and allour best friend that send us to be here.



Your Smiling is our hope in the future!! Thanks for everything!!
Now it is time for us to go to bed because we will go to see the amazing temple, Such as Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prom Temples tomorrow. We can’t wait to see them.

Good bye everyone. Have a sweet dream tonight.

See you tomorrow.

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