School & Orphans!

Today we arrived at the the Kid TEA school and had a great introduction from Sophara the Principal there. He explained to the volunteers the goal he has for KID TEA to become a place of free learning of english, computer skills, sowing and other trades/skills for all unskilled workers in the area so that they open opportunities that weren’t present to the Cambodians before.

The project we’re working on this week is a house for several orphans that are currently living in a lean to. Sophara wants to give them an actual house to live in.

The volunteers got straight into it, digging out the holes and laying the foundations for the house. It was tiring work and took the majority of the day, especially in the blistering Cambodian sun. Then a delicious lunch back at the school before we got back into it, the Volunteers made great progress, we’re way ahead of schedule to complete it by getting the frame started and putting it up by the end of the day.

In the evening we went out to a nice restaurant and quick tour of Siem Reap where they got a brief the idea on all the amazing things this city has to offer.

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Teacher’s blog,

After we had a breakfast at the apartment we took tuk tuk to school. When teachers arrived at the school they met with local teachers and discus lesson plan for their class. Every classes had a different lessons. Some class learned about new words and some practicing and review their lessons and some learned about grammar. They had lots of fun in their classes. After they finished the class in the morning some of them went to a local market with Sophean to buy foods to cook for lunch. It was very yummy.

In the afternoon they went back to their own class and the lesson was similar to the morning classes. After they spent long time in their class some of them came out side from their class to play game out side and sang song. Students really love to play game very much. After that we get on tuk tuk and went back to our apartment in town.

Making lesson plan for their class.

Making lesson plan for their class.


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