KIDTEA and Hard Yakka!

The Volunteers arrived at the KIDTEA (Kids and Teens education association) school today and were able to meet with the Principle So Phara, a man that has a vision to make his school a place for quality free education for the surrounding community.

After the volunteers were introduced to this, they were eager to get into the work to improve the school and help make So Phara’s vision a reality. We split into three groups. Where we traded spots throughout the day so everyone got a chance at different tasks.

The first group picked up where the previous volunteers left off last last week, to continue building the fence surrounding the school. This included mixing cement with shovels, water, sand and cement mix before laying bricks carefully between the posts. They managed to lay enough bricks to finish almost half of the fence in a single day. It was impressive!


Volunteers going from top right, then clockwise around – Zac, Jade, Team Leader Domdin, Kayla, Ariel and Sam

The second group were rendering the already completed part of the fence. They are putting a cement coat around the already laid bricks to give the fence that really polished look.


Volunteers from front to back – Claudia, Jade, Lexi and Leora.

The final group were moving dirt to fill the ditch behind one of the classrooms. Here the plan is to level it out and plant a veggie patch so that the students will have easy access to good foods.


Volunteers Lexi and Riley


Volunteers Emily and Amy helping to cook our lunch!

After the epic effort the team put into today we went back to our accommodation, played a few games which included many laughs and where the Volunteers got to know each other a lot better before heading to dinner. Those that still had the energy (Not sure how considering how hard they worked) went out to explore the night markets while the rest headed to bed.

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