Kulen Mountain Day and Circus

Such a great day heading out to the waterfalls where the volunteers enjoyed more of the natural and beautiful scenery around Siem Reap. Swimming at the Kulen falls before heading back to the city, resting, lunch then preparing for an evening adventure. In the evening we went to the local and famous Khmer Circus.

This circus was unlike any, it was a mixture of acrobatic expertise, art, culture and theatre presented with beauty, professionalism and depth like I have never seen before at a circus. The circus is ever changing in its theme and supports charities in Cambodia that aim to support and promote the arts (music, art, dance..etc..). Support of these sectors in Cambodian society is of great need since the Khmer Rouge reduced of Cambodia’s educated population during the nations genocide in the 80’s-90’s.

We saw amazing multitalented musicians play to the storyline while talented actors and acrobats played out the emotions and events that were symbolic of the Khmer Rouge period. Many of the volunteers picked up on this and experienced a cocktails of emotions feeling deeper what the nations has gone through and why we are all here while also loving the excitement and humour of the performance.

Nobody was disappointed and would all love to see it again.

Departure day tomorrow for some home, and others, we are heading to the elephant sanctuary to begin another leg of our journey together.

Thank you for everyone who has taken their time and resources to share the village project with ROV, each other and myself. Thank you also to all those who have given support to the charity be it through finances or simply loving and viewing this blog.

the link for the elephant blog is:


I look forward to sharing more stories there over the next week and I wish all the best for the volunteers I have had the upmost pleasure to work with this past week,

Jol Moi everyone.

Warm regards,