The ladies and the lady-boys!


Welcome to another day in the life of the volunteers here in Siem Reap! It has been a magnificent time together, and we have accomplished so much in the jungle gym project!

The morning started off a bit chilly, and it was a plot twist for everyone. The weather has been so nice, that there has been no need for sun screen. The jungle gym frames are also up, and our lovely ladies made sure it was secure and well structured.

We played with the children after the project, and of course danced the day through. The fun did not stop there, we attended a lady boy-show, and it was one for the books! Beyoncé, Jessie J, and Shakira were all the featured artists on stage! It was one of the most hilarious shows to date, and I guarantee you all that there were many tears of laughter!

Tomorrow will be a big day, so I will leave you all with a some pictures of the project!

Until next time,