Ladyboys x2

Hey guys, team SuperCool here. Today was great! We got the framework up for our project yesterday and today we got the roof on. Everyone has been doing absolutely fantastic.

A few people got the chance to teach in class again today, and then we got to help the local women cook lunch!

During lunch we played black queen and tried to teach everyone how to play president. There was some discrepancy between American vs Canadian rules but clearly Canadians rule Americans drool. (Canadians RULE get it)

After lunch we went back to work, diligently nailing and sawing and hammering away. There was a guest performance by Damdin and Glenn the acrobats. Before we left for the afternoon we got the entire frame put together, tomorrow we’ll be able to put it up!

Back at home we jumped in the pool, showered and napped before dinner. Dinner was deeelicious and then right after we went for Khmer language lessons weeeuuu! We all learned how to say hello, goodbye, and how are you (among others!)

THEN. FOR THE BEST PART OF THE NIGHT. We all gathered up and walked into town for the oh so faaaaabulous…lady boy show! There was some sassin and some dancin and some singin, and there also may have been an even more fabulous guest appearance by two of our volunteers…

All in all today was GREAT!

This is E dawg and Team SuperCool signin oot eh *canadian accent*