Last day at KidTea

Hi everyone!


Today was our last day working at KidTea. This morning we had two more volunteers, Tara and Clara, join us from Australia. The six girls had the task today of finishing up the hygiene club. First they finished roof, then poured and smoothed concrete over the sand to make the floor. This required a lot of concrete mixing! These two tasks took us almost all day but at the last minute we decided it would be nice to be able to plant flowers around the club. So the girls starting piling soil all around the structure and patting it down. Then, they mixed a bit more concrete and sectioned off two small areas with bricks to make a small garden! We called it our feminine touch 🙂 After a few silly photos with our newly completed hygiene club, we all got to play with the children! Elaine and Renee went into the classroom to play their favorite game of word seek with the kids. The rest of us did everything from frisbee, to dolly racing, to swinging on the playground. It was a fun afternoon! After a very heartfelt thank you from So Phara, the volunteers were very sad to go! Everyone got so close with So Phara and all the children at the school. Everyone exchanged addresses and Facebook information though so I’m sure we’ll all stay in touch! This week at KidTea has been absolutely unforgettable! 🙂


Volunteers shown above: Elaine, Anna, and Clara.


Volunteers shown above: Tara.


Volunteers shown above: Elaine, Tara, Clara, Anna, Mary, and Renee (with So Phara in the middle)!


Volunteers shown above: Elaine and Renee.


Volunteers shown above: Clara.


Volunteers shown above: Mary.


Volunteers shown above: Mary.

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