Last Day but not forever!

Last Day for Us but not forever!
That is such a great and sad day for us, because it is the day that we say good bye to this community and lovely people but not forever.

After a big day at the amazing temples, we still a big and long day at the community where develop their life and future. Today we will help to fix two houses and try finishing the foundation of the vocational training center and in the evening we will grow the Mango tree around this community. When we arrived the village we went through to the houses where we are going to fix. We divided into two group one group call, “walking Group” and the other Trailer Group”.


Walking Group need to fix the house which build by the palm leaf. This family has raised by a widow who her husband died ten years ago. She has two sons an old grandmother who lives with her. That is so sad to hear about her family background. But we come here in order to help and change this family to be better. It is our new experience to fix and rebuild some part of this house. We worked in whole morning and half afternoon by making new walls, clear bamboo stick, take the old wall of, replace the new one, cleaning the house, taking the grasses and plant the lemon grass for this family. Some of us had headache, stomached, nailed finger, cut some part of our hand but we still keep working until we complete it well.




Trailer group was so lucky because they had trailer to transport them to the house where they will fix it. This house also has owned by the grandmother who need to raise two of her grandchildren. Because their mother died and his father has new wife and left this family with grandmother. That is so sad to hear and know about this family. Again and again Reach Out and we come here in order to change the world. Even it is big change for these two families but what we have done for them. It is such a great model for this community. In this house as well, we help to replace the new wall, planting the lemon grass, build up the garden. We worked hard in the morning and also in the afternoon until we completed it




After we finished to fix these two houses we went to the vocational training center to work together with the foundation of it. In the day it was extremely hot but in the evening it was stormy that was great weather. Even it was strong stormy but work is work no think about the weather. Because all Reach Out Volunteers must be strong and achieve something for this community. So we worked until the rain almost stops pouring.




After we finished our work at these site works we came back the school, we played sport, danced, chatted with students. After half hour we have more job to do “each volunteer need to plant one mango tree around their own house with the students”. And then we had a yummy dinner which served by the students. After that our sad and tear is coming it is time to have a speech to farewell these great people.



We do hope what we have done, shared our world to this community will be the great model for them and change their lives to be better soon. By the way we also bring the amazing and great experiences back home.
Million Thanks for all of you that come to Cambodia for two weeks, one month even it is a short time but all of you have already changed our world.
Wish you all the best and safe flight back home.





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