Today was




Super Saturday was Super Fun. A few of the girls relaxed back at the hotel and had some free time, went swimming, shopping, ate waffles and icecream (kinda jealous)

Most of the volunteers chose to do the optional add on to Kulan Mountain, which was absolutely incredible. We got to have a bit of a sleep in and met downstairs at 8am, then hopped on a bus. Once we got to the mountain we got to walk to the top and see the Buddha carving, and walk down paths with monks on either side, and blessings happening all around us. It was definitely a place that you could happily just sit and think for a while.

We went over to the first level of the waterfalls after that, and got to jump right in! The water felt amazing and a few of the girls climbed right up on the rocks under the falls, with the assistance of some kind locals. After spending some time there we walked to the second level of the falls, which was even MORE incredible.


We all spend an hour swimming around, peeing on each others legs and taking cute selfies, all while enjoying the absolute beauty all around us.


After our swim we went for lunch and then jumped on the bus to head home. What a day! Back at the hotel we had some free time then went for dinner, and then got to go to an absolutely incredible circus! We were all in awe, the performers were amazing!


Right now everyone’s getting tucked into bed before a big day heading over to the elephant sanctuary tomorrow! If you have been following the blog, you’ll now be able to see this groups updates on our “Village and Elephant Program” blog, which you can find here:


Lookimg mg forward to blogging with you next week!



Fearless Leader and her team of SuperGirls