Last day for us but not forever!!!

Blog on Friday 5 December 14
That is such a sad day today because we need to say goodbye to this great community but not forever.
After had a breakfast form the hotel we jumped on the Tuk Tuk to the community where we will complete our building house. Today we had a of job to do to finish some part of the house that we build and renovation one house which own by alcoholic mother which lead the children work hard to raise and help family by themselves.
In the morning we divided into four groups to make a new wall to renovate a house which almost falls down. We almost finished the wall which makes to rebuild the house today but the lunch time is coming. So lunch first before you listen.



Making a new wall to renovate
After lunch at the school we went to the house to where we renovate for one alcoholic worker which left her 4 kids living without school.







It has done for winter next month !


And then we came back to the big construction sites in order to finish roof we need to nail a lot today. We worked so hard today because we want to see the finish house in the entire life.









After work we come home with dirty and sweaty clothes with party in the town.

That is amazing the time for us in this community for a week. I would like to say Akun Tom Tom wish you good luck in your life.


I hope you have enjoyed following the blog as much as I have enjoyed this amazing group. We have all become so close that it will be so hard to leave each other… but we know, its not “goodbye” it’s “see you soon”.

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Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon and, no doubt hearing all the stories too.