Let’s get Physical

The sun has been hot, the work has been tough but I don’t think I’ve ever felt so satisfied in my life!

The last two days we have been getting stuck into the hard work of building the foundations for the house that will be completed next week. Every member of the team has stepped up when needed keeping a smile on their face and working out their already tired muscles.

Throughout the day we rotate through various building jobs like sanding, digging, painting and a lot of heavy lifting. Of course with the incredible kids around we also have our shifts dancing, teaching, painting and playing sport (always soccer!)


Brittany and Esme with their future soccer stars

While we are rotating through our various jobs our amazing 7 teachers have been running classes providing valuable English lessons working on pronunciation, reading and writing skills. Their hard work and dedication to the kids is amazing to see!


Lauren getting her sanding on


Lauren, Rhi, Sam, Esme and Ally moving concrete foundations no problem!


Milly, Ayesha, Butler, Katey and Bun heading off to do some serious sanding

Lunch in the houses with the high school kids proves to be a highlight every day, not only are we treated to a delicious lunch freshly cooked every lunch but an amazing chance for us to work on our Khmer and share some laughs.

Today saw Milly revealing her beautiful singing and Ukelele playing over lunch. The hidden talents of all our volunteers amaze me every day, could not be luckier to have such a great team all working together.


Milly teaching Sey Ha some Ukulele

Come afternoon time everyone may be tired but the hard work continues until we head back into Siem Reap


The sun might be getting to Taylah, Esme and Ale.

Tonight we had a great dinner with many laughs and smiles, everyone so proud of the work we had achieved. Afterwards everyone headed out to check out what the Siem Reap nightlife had to offer with Night Markets, Deserts and an early night for some deserving a well earned rest.

Tomorrow is Angkor Wat. So excited to be exploring the amazing temples!


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