Let’s Play Catch Up

What an amazing couple of days we have had since leaving the Elephant Refuge in Mondulkiri. So sorry for my lack of updates, I will attempt to give you all a greatest hits of what’s been going on!


Saturday was a very long day for the team as we had to make the very very long journey from the province of Mondulkiri to Siem Reap where we are spending our second week together.

12 hours split between two bus rides on Cambodian public transport is definitely experience to be remembered. Perhaps not something anyone will be keen to repeat again anytime soon but certainly gave us an insight into the differences in cultures (and number of seats on a bus!)

There certainly was one defining event that helped us divide the trip into two halves. Pre-Tarantula and Post-Tarantula:

One of the local delicacies available at our bus stop, we managed to nearly get all the team to try the fried spiders.

group tarantula

Those brave enough to try!

Kate and Katey Tarantula

A picture tells 1000 words

Arriving into Siem Reap around 8 that night we were able to meet our fantastic Cambodian Reach Out Leader ‘Bun’ who had organised Tuk Tuks to take us to our accommodation and dinner.

As soon as dinner was done we were all straight off to bed, exhausted from the day and eager to see what Siem Reap held instore for us tomorrow!