It looks like a house!

today was fabulous! So much hard work was put into our project yet again


we got there in the morning and were excited to find out that the first thing to do would be putting up the framework! We worked as a team and lifted the framework, then hoisted it up onto the cement foundation.


We we did this three times, and once all three frameworks were up, IT REALLY LOOKED LIKE A HOUSE!!


we went for lunch and it began to rain, but no rain will stop us! We told some funny stories at lunch and then on the way back to the worksite the hot sun came out so we stopped at a local shop and bought Popsicles and ice cream, yum!


back on the worksite we continued to lay bricks and cement and move the dirt into the foundation, it looks so good! We played with some puppies and kids in the village then went to the community school to play soccer with the students.


Back at at the hotel we had free time and went for some delicious waffles for WAFFLE WEDNESDAY.


afterwards we went for dinner and enjoyed some fruit smoothies. Now we’re heading to bed for an early 4am wake up to go see Angkor Wat!