Nailed it!!

Across the board today, all the groups literally nailed it! They nailed those boards and structures into places and they did a beautiful job! Here are the updates for today’s activities 🙂

Tara’s village and elephant group: 

We worked out little booties off today finishing up the frame and the floor. These guys are so motivated that they worked into our lunch break to get up to a certain point in the floor. They continue to impress me. Other than doing the floor and tiling, we sanded/shaved down bamboo sticks and painted them a gorgeous shade of lime green for the railings. We also carried and lifted lots of wood to finish up the rest of the frame. All we have left is the roof now! During lunch, we played a game of zip bong where you say zip or bong to pass the around the circle. The catch is that you can’t show your teeth while doing it. We were laughing so hard, most of us were in tears. It provided some entertainment and giddiness to get us through the afternoon. I am so proud to say that by the end of the day today we finished all the floor tiling! It looks amazing!!DSC06427DSC06428DSC06429DSC06431DSC06432

Tonight we went to one of my favorite places for dinner and all had a traditional Khmer meal as usual. We met Linda who is a cute girl who comes by selling bracelets. She is also known for her killer dance moves. Afterwards, we attended a lady-boy show at the markets. Men dress up as women and lip sync, or try to lip sync, the words to popular dance songs. It’s a really funny experience. Everyone has had a full but fun day, and tomorrow we will finish up our building! Yayy!! DSC06430

Domdin’s village immersion group: 

Hello all my lovelies blog readers,

It was a great job today. We almost finish our new teacher room for the school. It was a very hot day and hard to achieve our goal for today. After we had breakfast and went on tuk tuk to the school, everyone had their own works. They were very busy. We had different groups of people. One group, claimed up to top to make put tin for roof. One group, sawing woods to make wall frames. And other group hammering and nailing on the walls. One more group watering and planting vegetable in a small farm. They tried very hard. One half hours letter we swopped out group around. After they worked really hard we had lunch break.

After we had a break time and lunch, everyone do almost the same in the morning. They continued with roofing, nailing, hammering on the wall. One of our group helped builders mix cement with sand and water to make concrete for tills to make a beautiful floor. They tries to work their jobs because they have one more to finish that building. They are an amazing people and helpful.

The teachers had a great day too, and are still continuing to make progress with their students. Oh how those kids love them 🙂

Our plan for tomorrow we are going to finish that building. Tomorrow will be a really hard work and lots of part need to be done. We have to finish by tomorrow 😉

Time to go to bed now!

Reatry Sue Sdey (good night)! 10947691_857808844279231_1216618511_n 10947518_857808867612562_220182805_n 10942847_857808877612561_971930822_n 10937746_857808884279227_1421463259_n 10934472_857808890945893_2031121506_n 10950863_857808900945892_1979115066_n 10934691_857808910945891_65640006_n 10943194_857808914279224_482254026_n 10949907_857808917612557_1318783880_n 10933247_857808937612555_202330761_n 10950930_857808954279220_204545572_n 10941716_857808960945886_2114396289_n 10613874_857808994279216_852305252_n 10947559_857809020945880_1771558118_n 10884798_857809024279213_535478737_n 10941331_857809047612544_767928538_n 10937511_857809074279208_1905039504_n

Best Regard,

Domdin Yean10942453_857808840945898_511093329_n