Nails and Tears

hello hello it’s me Mack Attack!

Today was such an emotional and awesome day! It was our last day on project at the school and it was extremely fun and touching! We spent the morning finishing up the arts and crafts building the group before us started! We finished the project with time to spare.

We got the opportunity to paint our names on a wooden block with white paint. Meg even got to take one for the team and get white paint all over her hands! What a sport though! After lunch we gave football and good old college try and lost (again). After our glorious  game we had the best dance party in the history of dance parties! They set up a speaker at the school and all of the kids mobbed the volunteers with lots of dancing and games!

We had a wonderful thank you ceremony with sweets from Sopan (the principal) and all of our wonderful teachers got gifts and goodies from the kids.

What a touching Andy memorable week we had at the school this week… definitely one for the books!

Until next time!

Mack attack