Well YEEEHAW crack me open a can of sweet niblets and call me Aunt Fritters, this program is off to a start even greater than mammas homemade cornbread.

Volunteers arrived fresh off the plane today looking sweeter than pie and ready to start sweating buckets and building some houses! Fortunately for them we have a day off before working to refresh and get over jet lag, but there’s no taking a break from good old fashioned fun!

After eating mountains of fried rice and local amok we hopped back to the hotel where there was a RIVETING orientation done by yours truly, followed by the one and only Super Duper Spectacular Siem Reap Scavenger Hunt! Volunteers had to hunt throughout the city for various items like giant cat statues, big green clocks and even our assistant team leader; Kim! Kim maintained a stellar hiding spot throughout the hunt though, and was found by a grand total of zero volunteers.

After the scavenger hunt volunteers took a much needed break to relax, shower, hit the markets or swim in the pool before dinner.

Dinner was more delicious Khmer food followed by some “shop till we drop” in the famous Angkor night markets! Volunteers are off to bed now before a big day on the worksite tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Ta ta for now,