Oh the places we will go…

Oh the places we will go, the things we will see… well we certainly adventured today!

Everyone got the lovely pleasure of sleeping in a little! What a great way to start the day… The elephant program kids headed off to view the temples, and the village immersion kids got to see Tonle Sep lake.Facebook-20140605-080203

The village immersion volunteers had a nice and relaxing morning. They then headed off to get lunch, and gave Bun a little bit of a birthday celebration. After they hung out in hammocks, socialized, then headed out to the lake!Facebook-20140605-080245

Tonle Sep lake is extremely interesting. The volunteers got to see how people live in these house boats right on the lake, all year round.Facebook-20140605-080229

They visited fish and alligator farms, saw some local houses, churches, and schools. Tonle Sep is the largest body of water in SE Asia, and houses millions of people. It also exports the most fish each year, out of any Asian country. This massive lake over flows during the wet season, and even submerges neighboring mango forests. What a sight to see!Facebook-20140605-080215

On the other hand, the elephant program volunteers got to explore the Angkor Temple city. They started the day exploring Bayon Temple, which houses the most wall scriptures out of any temple in Cambodia.Facebook-20140605-051050

They then walked to Angkor Tom, saw the King’s swimming pool, and explored Elephant Terrace. Our tour guide Wath taught us about the history of Cambodia and the temple city. The volunteers also got to see the temple where Tomb Raider was filmed! Its called Taprom temple, and is gorgeous with all these trees growing over it.Facebook-20140605-051131

We then ended the morning by receiving a blessing from a Balinese Nun.Facebook-20140605-051117

After lunch the volunteers got to explore Angkor Wat, the largest monastery and temple. Today was a Buddhist holiday, so unfortunately the top two levels of Angkor Wat were closed to visitors. But it was certainly interesting to see all the monks and locals amongst the ancient temples celebrating their faith. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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