One day at the School!!

One day at the School!!

Today that is such a great day for us because we stay in the school with the students and local volunteers in a whole day. Today we have a lot of job to do such as one group sanded the wood, one group waving the palm leaves to make the wall or roof of house, the other group painted the wood or the wall of the vocational building. We switched every 30 minutes in order to change our activities.



After the hard work in the whole morning it help the students to cook our food and children. And then we had a delicious lunch with them, during we had lunch some of us help the student to sell their products such as cake, ice milo and dessert in order to raise fund to for this community.




After lunch some of us took a nap, discussed and touch these kids to be a good students after that we continued our work like in the morning. But some of us are roofers in this time until we finish our hour time. It was time for us to dance, draw, play the basketball.





After we had and long day at the community and we went to see the carnival, darting, bumper car. And then we had dinner and crickets.

Yum Yum Yum!!






Temple Day Day Day!!!
That was a surprising day for us, some of us have been here almost two weeks and some one week. Today was an amazing day at the impressing temples in Siem Reap Province. We started our temple trip at 8: 30 am after we had breakfast in the hotel. The temples where we will visit today are Bayon, Baphoun, Elephant Terrace, Ta Prom and The Last one is Angkor Wat wat wat wat….!!!

Before we entered the Bayon Temple which is the temple has four faces we stopped in front of the grant entrance ( South Gate) which has 54 of gods and 54 of demons . That is so fascinating gate because we have seen some statuses no heads, arms.



After we visited it we took our bus through to Bayon Temple which has 54 towers and each tower has 4 beautiful smiling faces. It is so impressive because these faces have smiled almost 900 years.



After this great temple we walked through the Ba Phoun Temple which is the highest temple in the temple complex. Here we need to climb on the top of the temple. We used our skills like the monkeys. When we were on the top we can see a beautiful landscape surround this temple complex. After that we walked through the Pimean Akas Temple and Elephant Terrace.




But we have two bigger temples to see, we continued our temples trip to the Ta Prom (Jungle or we can call Tomb Raider temple) with our sweaty and smelly. That is such an another amazing temple in this country. In this temple if you don’t have a sticky rice system we will get lose easily.





After visiting this fascinating temple we continued our trip to have a picnic lunch in front of the Angkor Wat Wat temple that is the last temple for our trip today. That was a good lunch there. After lunch and had break around 30 minutes by taking a nap after we had a long walking for these great temples. After that we entered the Angkor Wat. Inside there are such a great carving, all the carving are so lively and amazing. There around 2 000 Apsara with 37 different hair styles. As our tour guide told before this temple is for the king or the king’s family to celebrate the ceremony and visiting, but now we are the kings and queens we can climb on the top of the third level of the temple which is the level for the king and the god. We are a bit tired because this temple is so big and high but we still smile and appreciate to the ancient ancestors of Cambodian that build all these charming temples for the their younger generation and for the world.
Today was such a great day for us to see all of these temples and fabulous circus in the Siem Reap which perform by one group of orphanage. Tomorrow will be such a busy day to rebuild the human resources of this country to be the great one as other nations or the same as their ancestors who built all of these amazing temples.
Have a good night everyone.