Our first few days at the village

Wednesday 24th July 2014

This week we have been immersed in Cambodian culture on the village program. On Monday we rolled into the little village of Kra Bei Riel to meet our new hosts. The founder of the self-help community project, Sambath, gave us a tour of the village and explained the story of the community project and his dream to give the kids of his village and opportunity to learn. His school became a reality but became so much more, a whole community dedicated to helping local kids and families who want to help themselves. Our time is divided between working on construction project at the community centre and spending time with the kids in the village. We play, dance, teach English and draw. We have a lot of fun but the reason we do this is to interact with the kids in English, help them build their confidence in speaking English and expressing themselves. As well as this we work with the high school kids that also volunteer at the village, helping them lead by example and mentor the younger kids. This week has been an amazing and eye-opening experience and it’s not over yet! Tomorrow we will visit the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. Stay tuned!



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